From the first taste of her grandmother’s boudin, Misti Norris knew she wanted to cook. “It blew my mind,” she says of the traditional Cajun sausage. “That’s one of the first things she taught me how to make.” She started learning everything she could about cooking and took her first food job at a retirement home in Cedar Hill. “It was fun because I got to hang out with all the older people and listen to really cool stories,” she says, “but it’s something I probably wouldn’t do again.”  And she won’t have to: Since then she’s worked her way through a string of increasingly impressive positions at critically praised restaurants, such as Nonna, Bijoux, FT33 and now Small Brewpub in Oak Cliff, where she’s head chef.

Please read the full article, “People 2015: Misti Norris Works on the Cutting Edge of Meat” by Caroline North, as published by the Dallas Observer.