Kevin is an imaginative culinary genius with nearly 25 years of experience in the world of food and hospitality operations. He began cooking as a child and quickly developed a passion for the culinary world. His tenure includes training under the late Tony Vallone along with the opening of numerous restaurants including Aquarium Restaurant concepts, Tony’s Restaurant at Greenway Plaza and Post Oak, and Oceanaire. He is most well-known for his time at Eleven XI Restaurant where he enamored guests with his distinctive creations. Kevin spent four years dedicating a majority of his time to traveling around the world leading disaster relief feeding programs where he prepared meals for tens of thousands of people recovering from hurricanes and other tragedies. Over the last year, he has consulted a myriad of hospitality businesses across the country. He continues to shine in the kitchen where his creative flare impresses all six senses. Kevin is known for teetering on the line between fine dining and playfulness where varying palettes can unite. He is currently the executive chef at Roma Ristorante in Houston, TX and consults restauranteurs on all areas of hospitality.