Youth With Faces gives youth in the juvenile justice system a second chance to be more than a faceless statistic. Their students learn and practice character lessons and work skills in classrooms and working in apprenticeships that equip them to create positive futures. As a result, they drastically reduce their chances of returning to custody and can build a new identity.

Youth With Faces serves more than 200 youth at three facilities in the Dallas County Juvenile Department. Their life-changing programs include: Culinary Arts, Horticulture Therapy, Dog Training, Career Readiness, and wrap-around post-release services. These programs help 75 percent of Youth With Faces graduates secure a job post release, and save taxpayers $2 million for each youth that is prevented from becoming a lifetime offender.

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Help Youth With Faces Grow New Futures!

Proceeds from Chefs for Farmers Friends of the Festival will support  Youth  With  Faces’ new greenhouse and urban farm project that will expand opportunities for hands-on learning in the nonprofit’s  Therapeutic Horticulture and Culinary Arts classes.

Youth With Faces serves more than 200 young men and women in the Dallas County Juvenile Department each year, providing life and job skills, character-building lessons and apprenticeships that help youth improve social skills and increase work readiness for a positive future after release.

The climate-controlled greenhouse and urban farm will allow Youth With Faces students to grow the food they will prepare in Culinary Arts & Nutrition classes. This project will also expand opportunities for a Youth With Faces social enterprise that provides internships for youth while they are in the justice system.

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