Chefs for Farmers has become the driving force behind educating Dallas diners on knowing where their food comes from. It has created accountability between chefs and guests, on both sides of the table.

Chad HouserCafe Momentum

We are pleased to be a part of Chefs For Farmers and support their efforts in the food community. Chipotle is able to connect with people that love high quality, great tasting food and want to understand where it comes from, all in a FUN AND ENGAGING ATMOSPHERE.

Nate DeMercurioChipotle Mexican Grill

Chefs For Farmers is the BEST EVENT in the southwest and has CHANGED THE FOOD SCENE IN DALLAS forever.

John TesarChef

It absolute AMAZES AND INSPIRES us what CFF has done for the food and drink culture in Dallas. CFF BRINGS TOGETHER not only TALENT but FRIENDS and that is what our business is about - breaking bread with new and old friends, sharing a bottle of wine while CREATING MEMORIES.

Michael Martensen

Chefs For Farmers is the one event that we LOOK FORWARD TO and would be disappointed if we weren't invited. That feeling is a combination of the LOVE FOR THE CAUSE and THE QUALITY OF THE EVENT.

Jack PerkinsChef


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