The Salty is a family-owned, artisan donut shop that focuses on chef-made, small-batch, craft donuts that rotate based on seasonality. We’re a 100% scratch bakery, so we use nothing but the highest quality ingredients and making everything in house! Naturally, we don’t use any artificial ingredients in anything we make, because, well – that’s gross! If we wouldn’t serve it to our own family, we definitely wouldn’t serve it to yours! All of our yeast-raised donuts are based on our 24hr Brioche recipe which is buttery, insanely flavorful and fluffy. Our cake donuts are a little crunchy on the outside, soft & moist on the inside and from time to time we’ll even fold fresh fruit and other things into them! Coffee? Yep, we’ve got you covered! We serve Intelligentsia Coffee and have crafted a coffee menu that focuses on seasonality and flavor profiles that challenge the norm. We’ve worked incredibly hard and poured every ounce of heart and passion we have into pushing the boundaries of what a ‘donut’ is, to make sure we’re not only the best donut shop in Dallas, but one of the best donut shops and coffee bars in the nation. We’re kind of obsessed™!