Bornandraised in North Carolina, Taylor grew up in a family of 6 where dinner around the table everynight was a norm. This idea of time,and food,shared together with loved ones isatthe root ofeverything he does.Every dish inevery one of his restaurants should be an experience, that is alwaysbetter enjoyed with the company of family and friends.As his passion for food and creativity began to grow,he decided to work his way through college inrestaurants and barstoget first-hand experience for the restaurants he planned to open in the future.With a Hospitality and Management degree, anda strongfoundational knowledge of the industry,hegraduated andbegan working his way up the ranks of Downtown Raleigh restaurants, soaking upeverything he could. In early 2018 the opportunity presented itself to move to Texas and open his firstlocation, Rye; breaking into the McKinney food scene with globally inspired small plates that werethoughtfully and intentionally constructed.Over the past three years Taylor and his partners, Tanner and Nic, have opened three more concepts:Barley, Apothecary, and Rye-Dallas. All of which share the passion for intense flavors, creativity,excellence, and intention. He firmly believes that chasing what excites youwith no compromise foranything other than the best is the only way to operate; and is looking forward to what the future inDallas holds as they continue to expand.