Chef Josh realized his passion for food at a young age cooking Traditional Puerto Rican food with his Grandmother. Her flavors, love of music, and nurturing nature sparked a life long dedication to become the best he could be in the realm of entertaining and feeding people, just like her. After 15+ years in some of the best kitchens in San Francisco and Dallas, including a 3 year stint at the Mansion under Michelin Starred Chef Bruno Davaillon, Farrell sprouted wings and went on to cook on his own. Farrell founded Nameless Chefs, a pop up group gathering cooks from big name Dallas restaurants to cook under their own names, with Chef Jeremy Hess & his Mother Cyndi Delgado. The group attained several accolades during their 4 Year run including being recognized as having one of the best dishes. Since, Farrell has helmed several late night kitchens in Deep Ellum. During a year run at The Blue Light Dallas his concept Nuclear Concessions was awarded Best Late Night Food in Dallas. Chef Josh is now Executive Chef at Will Call Bar where their food has been referred to as “Brilliantly Eccentric” by Brian Reinhart and their wings have been awarded Best in Dallas by several Media outlets. Everything has either an inner child or Puerto Rican surprise. Even the Flan is made by his “NewYorican” Mother, Cyndi. He specializes in Nostalgia with a fiery passion to nurture people with good vibes and fun food. His food definitely doesn’t suck!