Dave Culwell has always been a musician that cooks. In recent years, those two roles have switched…now he’s a cook that plays music. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Dave was fortunate enough to grow up around a multitude of cultures that lended him the opportunity to learn different styles of music and eat (and cook) different styles of food. After moving to Dallas, TX in 2016 cooking for people was still a hobby for Dave; hosting get-togethers in his backyard was common and he’d serve everything from burgers to BBQ (both SoCal style and Texas BBQ) to a wide range of taco dishes. “Then Covid thrusted upon us and everything changed.”Then after a thought-provoking conversation with his young teenage daughter at one of these get-togethers in their backyard happened. “She asked me, ‘why don’t we do this out somewhere?’, meaning for us do some sort of popup at a brewery or event space. I told her that everyone in Texas does BBQ and not sure how well it would do.” She proceeded to talk about doing burgers and that everyone would love them. So they did one and it was a success. This was 2021. Since then, they have popped up in dozens of locations, had a few residencies (Currently at Craft and Growler in Exposition Park) and the catering game has been insane. Follow Burger Schmurger on Instagram at @burger_schmurger

-“Best Burgers of Dallas 2022”

Dallas Observer

-“…one of the best things we tried in 2021.”

Ginger Food Blogger

-“…one of the best burgers in Dallas.”

Daily Post LA