Brian was born in Venezuela, and was raised between there, Colombia, and Houston, Texas. Both sides of his family are close-knit; he enjoyed many meals at his grandparent’s houses while growing up between the States and South America. While Brian was young, his grandfather used to always say, “every family needs a chef.” With that in his sub-conscience, Brian began working in restaurants at 16. A graduate of the University of Houston, Hilton College of Hotel & Restaurant Management, Brian then learned to cook by working in distinguished kitchens across America. Aries in Houston, Morimoto in Philadelphia, and Tramonto’s in Chicago all trained him in traditional French and Japanese techniques. After coming to College Station to work at The Republic as the Executive Chef and meeting his wife, they opened Ronin in 2012. On their family farm, he has forged a connection with farming and raising animals. He regularly discusses how farming has informed his cooking on so many levels. Brian strives to bridge the gap between farmers, professional kitchen, and community in creating a fine dining experience with approachable, seasonal food.