Pōk the Raw Bar | Dallas

Street Food Night Market | Sat, Nov 4 | $75 | 21+ only

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Hawaiian native Jimmy Oh Park, executive chef of Pōk The Raw Bar, was raised with an innate love for both sushi and Hawaiian cuisine. With over a decade of experience working alongside some of the best sushi chefs in the world, Park has an unwavering dedication to his craft and creating truly exceptional cuisine.

The chef got an early start working with fish. In 2003, while working as a kitchen cook to make extra money in high school, the restaurant’s sushi chef noticed his natural skill and steady hands. Park never looked back.

Following his initial training in 2006, Park began his culinary career traveling through the continental United States where he gained experience at many notable restaurants. Park has worked as a sushi chef at Matsuhisa Aspen under Phillip Tanaka, transferring to Nobu San Diego where he learned to handle whole and live fish under Yuichi Matsuyoshi, a Nobu Head Chef veteran. He also worked at Kabuto Edomae Sushi, where he cut and cleaned over 20 different types of fish for service every day. Most recently, Park served as sushi chef of Nobu Dallas, where guests came in specifically for his omakase style sushi.

In late 2016, Park took a leap and joined Dallas’ first poke concept, Pōk The Raw Bar as executive chef. Along with the owners, Park developed the concept’s creative menu of signature poke bowls, each one a careful combination of thoughtful ingredients. As executive chef, Park also oversees Pōk’s raw bar, where guests can once again experience his inspired omakase menu of raw, edible art.

Entirely devoted to his craft, Park makes a point to eat one of his fish every day. When he’s not experimenting with new flavor combinations or mentoring his culinary team, Park’s second passion is practicing jiujitsu and muay thai.